What kind of treatments does the oral and maxillofacial surgery implement?

Many subjects related to oral and dental health such as impacted dental extraction, dental extraction, treatment of implant, jaw fracture, detection and treatment of jaw tumor, abscess and cysts, arrangement of tissues before prosthesis, and orthodontic treatment include maxillofacial surgery. The medical and aesthetic treatment of any kind of hereditary or later pathological source in the jaw, mouth, and face is evaluated within the scope of oral and maxillofacial treatment.

  • Shots of buried, complicated or plowed teeth
  • Medical and surgical treatments of all kinds of infections of the mouth, jaw, and facial region
  • Surgical treatment of cystic and tumoral formations in Jaws
  • Treatment of soft tissue diseases of the mouth region
  • Diagnosis of systemic diseases that cause symptoms in the mouth, jaw, and face area and referral to medical specialties related to medical consultations where necessary
  • Treatment of intra-bone lesions of tooth origin (apical resection)